Nutritional Guidance

Nutritional Counseling Could Give Your Pet a New Lease on Life

Many pet parents have started researching the ingredients of the food and snack items they give to animals. Take for example grain free foods and refrigerated varieties of pet foods have become extremely popular. Here at Animal Healing Solutions, our veterinarian supports every pet parent in their quest to keep their pets happy and healthy. Our team is doing all we can to educate people about how to select the right foods for their pets, and how they can benefit from nutritional counseling.

Nutritional Counseling Could Give Your Pet a New Lease on Life

Be Aware While Shopping

Many manufacturers of dog and cat food products have taken notice of people’s desires to feed their pets healthier foods. Many of them advertise they use all natural products and claim meat products used are range free. Unfortunately, some food products advertised as healthy options for pets are not healthy at all. As a matter of fact, many of these products contain harmful ingredients like phosphorus for instance. These harmful ingredients can cause heart disease in both dogs and cats.

Pet parents should also be aware that if they have decided to forgo purchasing their pet’s food and have opted to prepare their meals themselves, they need to understand they run the risk of their pet developing deficiencies and diseases such as dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM). DCM causes an enlargement of the heart, abnormal heart rhythms and can lead to congestive heart failure. Additionally, deficiencies of taurine and other vitamin and mineral can make pets ill. Our veterinarian stresses the importance of pet nutritional counseling and individualized diet formulation to ensure pets are getting everything they need to live long, healthy lives.

They Are Not the Same

Our veterinarian provides nutritional guidance based on the individual needs of the patients we see. Our doctor does a complete workup on each animal that is seen for pet nutritional counseling. This may entail obtaining a stool specimen, drawing blood for laboratory testing, getting urine for a urinalysis, performing a complete exam of all body systems and reviewing the pet’s current diet and habits. After reviewing any and all the test results and the findings of the exam, our doctor will then recommend the best diet plan for the animal.

Food as Medicine

Oftentimes when pets are diagnosed with certain illnesses like allergies, diabetes or heart disease, the typical response is to treat them with medication solely. It is important to note that pets can benefit from holistic treatments as well. Food or rather combinations of different foods and nutritional supplements can be used to treat and even reverse certain medical conditions. Nutritional guidance has also been found to be beneficial in regard to helping pet parents who have pets with behavioral issues.

Give them the Best

Here at Animal Healing Solutions in Altamonte, we know pet parents no matter what city they live in want to do their best to take care of their animals. If you have never sought nutritional guidance for your pet, you should schedule an appointment to do so to make sure their nutritional needs are being met. To find out more about pet nutritional counseling schedule an appointment with one of our friendly team members today at 407-308-7878.

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