Nutritional Supplements

Reasons Why You Should Consider Pet Supplements for Your Pets

Your pet is a part of your family, so it’s important to treat their health and well-being just like any other member of the family. Visiting an alternative vet for pet nutrition is important for several reasons; including treating and preventing health problems that commonly affect dogs and cats with the use of natural remedies and to strengthen their immune system. Alternative medications, including pet supplements, are very effective, especially at treating the root cause of problems. Here is some basic information about why it’s important to seek help from an alternative vet in Altamonte Springs for your pet’s health.

Benefits of Nutritional Supplements

Benefits of Nutritional Supplements

Some people believe that if you feed pets high-quality food, nutritional supplements aren’t necessary, while others feel that by giving pets supplements, you can prevent some diseases before they happen by promoting optimal health. The truth is most cats and dogs eat a commercial diet that is low in quality proteins, contains a lot of fillers and grains and is depleted of the nutritional value during processing. The reality is a highly-processed diet for pets can lead to dietary deficiencies, which may contribute to sluggishness and a lack of energy as well as:

  • Joint health problems
  • Digestive issues
  • Coat and skin disorders
  • Body odors
  • Increased susceptibility to cancer

Pet Nutrition vs the Toxic Environment

Nutritional supplements are beneficial for countering the effect of your pet’s exposure to toxic environmental materials. Exposure to toxins, including everyday products, such as cleaning products, may increase the risk of cancer; lead to respiratory and skin issues and creates havoc in their digestive tract by destroying bacteria and enzymes. Pet supplements can help to replenish the necessary elements that exposure to toxins destroys, including essential fatty acids and probiotic bacteria.

If you live in an environment where your pet is never exposed to toxins and is always fed a healthy, natural and high-quality diet that includes real meat and raw foods, then your pet may not need nutritional supplements. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for many pets. Pet supplements allow pet owners to do the best they can for their furry family members. Nutritional supplements can help to rejuvenate their health, encourage vitality and increase their lifespan. The best way to determine if your pet could benefit from supplements is to visit an alternative vet in Altamonte Springs to have your pet examined and discuss their nutritional deficiencies.

To learn more information about pet supplements and your pet’s nutrition, contact Animal Healing Solutions. You can call us at 407-308-7878 to schedule an appointment today!

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