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Your Pet Could Benefit From Chiropractic Visits

Pet Chiropractic care can remedy a variety of conditions that cats and dogs suffer from. Contact Animal Healing Solutions to make an appointment with our veterinary chiropractor if you live in Altamonte Springs or a nearby city. Here is some information about pet chiropractic care to read over so you better understand the benefits your cat or dog can obtain with routine sessions with our veterinarian.

What Pet Chiropractic Care Entails

A trip to a veterinary chiropractor is a holistic approach that often comes with favorable results just after one session. This type of care is used to treat muscular, joint, and skeletal problems. Chiropractic care for dogs and cats is almost exactly the same in treatment procedures that humans would receive. Adjustments are used to manually move the spinal column or nearby joints in a pet to reduce the pain and discomfort they are experiencing. Aligning the vertebrae in this manner is an all-natural procedure that improves mobility without the use of invasive methods.

Signs Your Pet Could Benefit From Chiropractic Visits

It is best to bring your pet to our veterinarian for a full evaluation of their condition before having chiropractic treatment attempted. There are a few signs that indicate your pet could be a candidate for procedures under the chiropractic realm. If your pet struggles to climb steps, walks with a limp, has difficulty standing or lying down, sits or stands with a tilt to one side, or has a hunched back, they may require help in the alignment of the spine to treat these difficulties. If your pet is in extreme pain, it is best to make an emergency visit with our vet for an assessment. They will determine whether chiropractic care will benefit the animal after the assessment has commenced

What Happens During a Chiropractic Session

Our veterinarian will provide your pet with a comfortable area for sessions so that they are relaxed as the procedures are administered. Many pets actually enjoy chiropractic sessions as they receive full attention from their veterinary practitioner and gentle movements feel good upon their body when they are being conducted. Our vet will target the exact areas in need of pain relief and use their hands to move the spine without causing pain for your pet in the process. The pet may receive immediate relief after an adjustment is conducted. Your pet will receive follow-up appointments and subsequent chiropractic sessions will be scheduled if needed.

Schedule an Appointment Today!

If your pet is suffering from a condition where pet chiropractic care can help, and you live in Altamonte Springs or Orlando area, contact Animal Healing Solutions to make an appointment with our veterinarian for an evaluation. Reach out to our practice for more information. Call us at 407-308-7878 to schedule an appointment!

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