First-Aid for Pets Using Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a very safe system of medicine that has been around for hundreds of years.  It uses remedies called homeopathics that are dilutions of substances used to treat and cure illnesses.  The principles of homeopathy involve “like cures like”, whereby any substance that causes a set of symptoms in a healthy animal, will cure those symptoms in a sick animal. So if you are treating a bee sting a minute dilution of apis mellifica or bee stinger, will actually prevent swelling and treat the symptoms.

Without formal training, you can safely use homeopathics at home to treat your pets.  I find they really work great for first aid, and are extremely safe.

You can easily find them at a healthfood store or can order them online, see the links below.  They come in different potencies, but 30C would be best for most situations.  You can find them in little tablets, that are dissolved under the tongue in humans.  For pets, you can put them in their mouths, or between the gums.  It is sometimes easier to crush them and dissolve them in spring water and pour it in their mouths.  Try not to touch the pills with your hands, they work more energetically, and they may not be as potent then.  You can also find liquids, which work great.  One dose is usually 4-10 pills, depending on the size of the pill or 4-10 drops.  Frequency is more important than the amount given, since one pill or 20 pills is still the same potency.  For acute or sudden onset problems, you can give a dose every 20 minutes to an hour for several doses initially.  For chronic problems, 2 or 3 doses a day is usually good.

Aconite napellus Fever, sudden onset.

Apis mellifica Bee stings, insect bites, allergic reactions, hives and red, hot swellings.

Arnica montana Trauma, swelling, bruising, sore muscles and sprains.  Works best in the early stages.

Cocculus indicus Motion sickness, car sickness, nausea.

Hypericum perforatum Nerve injuries to the tail, smashed toes and broken nails.

Ledum palustre Puncture wounds, cat fight injuries.

Nux vomica Vomiting, regurgitation, burping, gas, and gastrointestinal upsets.

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