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Animal Healing Solutions is a holistic veterinary office that offers services tailored to the specific needs of your dog or cat.  Each pet is looked at as an individual.  Wellness and treatment options are created for your pet based on age, lifestyle and breed.

Here is a list of what we offer:


WellCare visits are tailored for the needs of the healthy pet.  The focus is on prevention through diet, nutrition, and preventative medicine.  Prices start at $125.

Services offered:

  • Wellness examination including a Western and an Eastern examination using Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine.
  • Diet and nutritional counseling.  Diet needs and homemade diets will be discussed and individualized for your pet.
  • Vaccination titers and 3yr Rabies are available if needed.
  • Heartworm testing and fecal analysis, done in house while you wait.
  • Zyto BioScans offered to look at food sensitivities, organ function and supplement recommendations


HolistiCare is holistic veterinary care for pets with current and chronic illnesses and ailments.  We will work along with your regular veterinarian if necessary to come up with treatment options and plans for the specific needs of your pet.  Initial visits include a consultation going over history, records and laboratory work; a Western and Eastern physical examination; a treatment including acupuncture and/or chiropractic; and a long-term treatment plan.

Conditions treated include cancer, liver disease, kidney disease, behavioral disorders, neurological disorders, seizures, allergies, paralysis, intervertebral disc disease, hip dyslasia, arthritis and many others.

Prices start at $212 for an initial visit.

Services offered:

  • Acupuncture—including dry needle therapy, aquapuncture and electroacupuncture.
  • Chiropractic—hands on gentle manipulations of the spine and joints.
  • Herbal Medicine—Chinese and Western herb formulas tailored to your pet’s needs.
  • Homeopathy—gentle medicine tailored to your pet’s condition
  • Aromatherapy—essential oils used safely to treat certain conditions
  • Cold laser therapy—for healing, inflammation, torn ligaments, and arthritis.
  • Nutritional counseling including homemade diets tailored for your pets age, medical condition and breed.
  • Zyto BioScans offered to look at food sensitivities, organ function and
    supplement recommendations.


ElderCare is meant for the specific needs of the older pet.  Conditions treated include chronic arthritis, cognitive dysfunction, low energy, nutritional deficiencies and immune deficiencies.

Prices start at $212 for an initial visit.

Services offered are the same as HolistiCare above.


We offer non-anesthetic dental cleanings performed by a dental hygienist.  This is great for older pets and pets that can’t be put under anesthesia due to health problems.  Visits include hand-scaling of the teeth, polishing and fluoride treatments if needed.  Long-term DentalCare is discussed to help maintain your pets teeth in optimum condition.  Healthy teeth and gums are key to preventing many health problems in dogs and cats including heart disease, kidney disease and chronic infections.

Prices start at $120 for an initial cleaning.  Please contact Teresa Cardenas at 407-949-4938 for an appointment.

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