Zyto Bioscan

What Is a Zyto Bioscan?

Animal Healing Solutions is a holistic vet serving all of Orlando including Altamonte Springs and Winter Park. We provide alternative pet medicine and are proud to offer the Zyto Bioscan. This innovative technology will improve your pet's quality of life and give vital information about his/her health.

Zyto Bioscan Works

An animal's body, just like a human’s body, is made up of thousands of cells that continuously communicate, minute by minute. The response from these cells as they talk to each other may be negative or positive. As they interface, cells tell each other what to do and what not to do. In a healthy environment, if a virus enters the body, cells attack it and destroy it. This happens often and you will never see the work that is being done. 

However, it is when the body cannot fight off an illness that you will see the results. Symptoms appear and your pet's immune system will be compromised. Most of the time, medications will take care of whatever is going on but this is not always an ideal situation. Your baby may have side effects from prescriptions and sometimes, it is not effective. Traditional medications can often make more problems than they solve. That is why we believe in a more holistic approach to your pet's health and well-being.

How the Zyto Bioscan Works

    • Zyto Bioscan is a non-invasive test that allows the vet to see many aspects of your pet's health. 
    • Through the use of gentle energetic impulses called virtual stimulus items (VSI), your pet's body will report on many things such as what foods, supplements, and medications are best.  It will also tell-all about the body system, how it is working and what is not working well.
    • The Zyto Bioscan monitors the body's preferences. These preferences advise what is the most logical treatment for your pet's biological system. 
    • These reports or bio-surveys will assist in determining the future health of your fur baby. It is a wise investment that is priceless.

Animal Healing Solutions covering Altamonte Springs, Orlando, and Winter Park is the alternative pet medicine vet of choice. Our staff is fully trained and committed to the use of holistic medicine. We love our patients and their families. Contact us today to make an appointment to start your pet on a healthier, more effective path: 407-308-7878

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